Our Train sessions (which are often outdoors or inside and outside) are derived from our original Outdoors Fitness Camps. They are they are high energy, and a mix of bodyweight, strength, conditioning, mobility, HIIT and cardio training, and a firm favourite of our clients as no two sessions are ever the same! You get the atmosphere, energy and fun of a circuits class or team training, and the best exercises from our Personal Training programmes coached by our Personal Trainers! Plus in a world where we don't get enough fresh air, you get that thrown in too! We can modify all workouts to suit fitness levels which means that we can have two people doing easier/harder versions of the same exercises, or adapt the exercises or movements to suit.


A high energy indoor cycling class, where our motivating, energetic and supportive instructors lead you through a varied class of hill climbs, runs and sprints to the rhythm of upbeat music. This class is guaranteed to give you a great workout, get your blood pumping, your body sweating, and make you leave with a smile on your face and feeling awesome. 


Lift is a weights and resistance based session designed to help you build muscle, get strong, and give you incredible shape and tone. A non stop class we coach you through a programmed weights session, with you working at your own level. Think weights room exercises but with great music, ambient lighting and group training energy and atmosphere, with a motivating personal trainer to help you train with correct form, get the most out of your session and making weight training fun. 


Our yoga classes focus on different areas and flows each week, teaching you the correct posture, movement and breathing, and with the aim to connect to mind, body and breath, relieve tension and pain throughout the body and leaving you feeling super relaxed. 


Box is our boxing fitness session based on the training methods used by boxers. BOX sessions typically involve shadow boxing and boxing movements to reinforce technique and warm up, followed by hitting focus pads with a partner but no class involves hitting an opponent. It is a fun, challenging and safe workout which is great for stress busting, and suitable for all ages and fitness levels.


This is a standalone premium training programme. You get all of the added benefits of Personal Training, including added accountability, tailored sessions, use of personal training weights and equipment, check ins etc, but with the added motivation and camaraderie you get from of training in a small group. Please contact us to find out how you can join one of these programmes. 

Non-member or Member?

All of our group training sessions / classes are open to non members, subject to availability, simply sign up and book on to a session of your choice. 

You can save money on your sessions by signing up for a recurring monthly membership including a set number of credits each month.